Ed Norwood

Mission & Values



  • To preserve a provider’s right to advocate for medically appropriate healthcare for their patients pursuant to Wickline v. State of California 192 Cal. App. 3d 1630.
  • To protect citizens from third party payors that deny access to medically necessary care.
  • To secure prospective, concurrent, and retrospective authorizations for emergency safety net providers and challenge improper denials through the appeal, regulatory complaint, and ALJ process.
  • To make you a giant killer.


  • Through collaboration, transparency, training, enforcement, and compliance we can transform our healthcare delivery system.
  • This responsibility must be shared by all citizens, including individuals, employers, healthcare providers, payors and government entities.


To be the undisputable industry leader in regulatory training, advocacy, and representation as measured by provider membership, case overturns, and public policy reform. We will become a national authority in administrative laws that govern the healthcare delivery system and the nation’s emergency safety net.


Our Core Values

In carrying out our mission and pursuing our vision, we are shaped and guided by these core values:
  • Compassion – We love people. We see every case as a human life and story.
  • Respect – We treat people with value and encourage their input, perspective, and contribution.
  • Responsibility – We believe that our actions and words determine life or death for patients.
  • Commitment – We have a bias for action and an incurable need for results.
  • Transparency – We work each case, train each class, and tell each story with clear transparent eyes. We show people our failures turned successes.
  • Duty – We refuse to engage in professional shortcoming or take “shortcuts” that might undermine the integrity of our influence and credibility.
  • Justice – We protect the rights of health care practitioners who advocate for appropriate health care for their patients pursuant to Wickline v. State of California [192 Cal. App. 3d 1630.]
  • Collaboration – We train employees, provider members, practitioners, legal professionals and billing specialists to become watchdogs that report payors that commit crimes against public health and safety.

“We may not win every case, but we treat each case as if we never lost.” – Ed Norwood